RESORT 2016 : Emerging trends in Outerwear

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Resort 2016 collections have just touched down and thanks to the fabulous website that is I created some trend boards based around the emerging trends within jackets and outerwear!

(I have to admit that I designed these boards while at work on my internship and not at soon as that laptop opens while in bed nothing productive happens whatsoever...unless you count shopping as productive, then I'm a workaholic)

I'm sure you haven't noticed the lack of posts in the past few months, so I won't bang on explaining myself, but i'll put it down to summer uni deadlines, a 2 week holiday to Greece and starting my year long internship in Manchester!



disclaimer: all images used within these trend boards have been sourced from
If you wish to use or share these boards please do credit me as I have spent time researching and putting these together as part of my internship.

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