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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I am constantly looking for ways to update my bedroom. Until it looks like it fell out of an Elle Decoration magazine I'll never be happy. 
The current area on my hit list is my desk. I hate it. Which is funny because I actually picked all of the pieces myself...(I'm a nightmare for doing this, one minute i'll love something the next I'll hate it)

When I'm in Uni I spend my life at this desk, this is where the magic happens. Where my sketchbook for every project is born and completed (normally not till 2am the night before hand in...) So in my opinion it needs to be perfect.

I'd thought i'd share some pictures I've been pinning which can hopefully inspire us all to have that perfect work space!

(pictures from Pinterest - not all lead to links to credit original owner)

An inpiration board is a must!!



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