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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

As some of you seemed quite interested in my previous Uni assignment posts, I thought I'd share my latest one with you. Although this CAD project isn't my main assignment, it's still a fairly interesting one!
We had to design a t shirt for a chosen brand for S/S 14 - using the dreaded Adobe Illustrator... (I am still coming to terms with it and right now, it is the devil). The design could be focused on a message, print or a current trend.

I looked to the current logo/slogan trend for inspiration and teamed it with the emerging pop art trend to design a tee for House Of Holland, since HOH are pretty famous for their quirky slogan tee's I thought the two went hand in hand.

I hope some of you find this interesting, let me know what you think!
(I am nowhere near being the best on Illustrator at the moment, although I hope to be in the future, so for all you pro's out there - this may seem quite basic!)


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  1. This is good stuff, are you planning on starting a business from this.

    1. Wow thank you! Starting a business has never really crossed my mind if I'm honest, this is just a project for my course! I'm super happy you like it though :)


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