Sunday, March 09, 2014

This week has been a hectic one! Unlike other weeks when all I seem to do is a constant cycle or eat sleep work repeat (notice the no raving...I'm a teenager I promise!) this week I actually did something exciting!
If you read my previous post you'll know this week I visited London to see the one and only Beyonce! Like everyone who has been to see the Mrs Carter tour - I had THE best time ever and she was absolutely amazing...she really knows how to put on a show! It seems like thats enough excitement to last me the next 2 months though because it's back to assignments this week, oh the joy!

This weeks Uni project:
Nothing too interesting to report! My idea of creating a World Music Day window for Urban Outfitters is still a go - I've just got to get round to making it now....help!

This weeks purchase:

As I went to London I made a few purchases this week! The link to the post is here  !  Where all websites for the items are listed!

This weeks Instagram post:

The outfit I wore while shopping in London!
Link to instagram here!

This weeks most played:

Grown Woman remix by Monsieur Adi! He was the opening act at Beyonce and was a-m-azing!!!
(I'll be quiet about Beyonce now I promise!)

Hope you're all well,


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  1. Love those boots and the necklace is stunning, you look amazing!!



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