Sunday, February 09, 2014

I can't believe it's Sunday already...this year is going SO fast!

Nothing toooo exciting going on this week, as usual, well except one lil thing! I have a shiny new car - a fiat 500 for that matter! Isn't Boycie beautiful! (I name my cars after Only Fools and Horses characters, my last one was Rodney!)
I was looking for everywhere for one with brown leather seats and finally found one and it was 100% worth it! I am madly in love with him!

Bag - Zara

Other than that it's the same old Uni chit chat. My deadline is this coming Thursday so I'll do a final 'Current uni project' post then and show you the finished product!

Hope you're all well, OOTD post coming soooon (maybe)

Amy X

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