Sunday, February 02, 2014

I've always enjoyed reading these Sunday type of posts on other peoples blogs. It's nice to get to know the blogger behind the screen and me being the typically nosey person I am I love to know what everyones getting up to! 
So here I am jumping right on to the old bandwagon with a Sunday post. I'm yet to decide on the name (I'm trying to think of something witty.... it's not quite happening yet) so for now I'll just call it Sunday.

Unfortunately my life isn't as exciting as other bloggers and I'm not in London having fabulous meetings and going for coffee with my friends. I've actually spent my week here in Blackpool taking my dog for walks, watching The Carrie Diaries and being a full time student.
This may be the most boring Sunday post you've ever read but don't let me put you guys off...keep on reading for the gripping details on my life.

-- I'm still working on my packaging project for Uni (link to posts here and here) and it's coming along quite well! Hand in is just under 2 weeks and I don't want to jinks myself but I am feeling quite confident. I vowed to myself at the start of the year that I would try and work extra hard on Uni work this semester, after getting all the freshers feelings out my system! So fingers crossed I'll get a first! I had a tutorial with my tutor on Thursday and she said I was 'nailing the brief' so that's good to know!

-- I'M OBSESSED WITH THE CARRIE DIARIES!!!! Yes I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I have well and truly fell in love with the show and of course, Sebastian Kydd (a.k.a Austin Butler). 
I've seen lots of people talk about it for a while now on tumblr and things but because Sex and The City has a special place in my heart I was quite reluctant to watch it. Oh boy was I wrong! Although it is quite a teenage driven show it's so fab. I've seen 90% of series 1 in the past 2 days. If you're a SATC lover, just disconnect the 2 shows from each other and you will fall head over heels!

So it's back to Uni for me tomorrow...I hope some of you have more exciting plans than I do!

Hope you're all well!

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  1. The Carrie Diaries is extremely good and Sebastian is the best :)


  2. The Carrie Diaries is so good and so addictive! Austin Butler mmmm soooo hot! Love your blog, followed on bloglovin' too!

    Charli xx



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