Wardrobe Staples / 001 : The watch

Monday, October 07, 2013

Over the past couple of years a good watch has become an essential piece of my wardrobe. I never leave the house without one on and when I do I feel naked! 
Amazing outfits all come down to one thing : accessories. Just like a necklace can change the whole look a watch is a key to this too.

Because of this I always have a long long (long long) list of watches I want need  in my life! 

Here are some of my current favourites! (all links below)

Although I love some quirky style watches, my opinion can change on something dramatically and after spending £100+ on a watch I once loved I find myself not wearing it anymore. So if you're thinking of paying a little more for something you really like try and go for a more classic style that will be timeless (no pun intended) and can last you for years on years!

Hope you liked this post, love ya!

Amy, Xx

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