WOW..where on earth have I been?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

It's been far too long since I last posted...there's me rambling on in my last posts apologising for not posting declaring that 'I'm back' and I leave again for 2 months!
Unfortunately I've had to push my blog to the side the past few months, purely because of the amount of college work I've had - It's CRAZY. I'm on a course which doesn't have any it's 100% coursework, and I'm definitely feeling the '100%'!
I've also been quite unsure on what to post, so I've decided for now I'm just going to be an OOTD blog. Hopefully not too many of you will hate me for that, but it's best for me ☺ 
I will throw in an odd haul every so often though.. and every sunday I'll post my instagram's so it's not too impersonal.
I feel blogs work best when you get to know about the person and their life and what things are happening and the best way to see me is through what I wear! Plus it would help me interact with you guys a lot more!

So I'm going to change my blog up a little bit and hopefully by next week you'll be enjoying it a lot more,I'm also always open to ideas on what I should post,

here's a picture of me recently, just to make sure you haven't forgotten me!

Love ya, Amy 

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