London Fashion Weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 1st time in London...this was at 7am!

Lovely Starbucks to start the day!
Ellie and I...I'm not very good at photos aha!
Ellie and Daisy...ridiculously pretty :(
Again..I'm AWFUL at taking photos...I was mid-blink ok aha!
Cute Jean Pal Gaultier coke in our goodie bag!
Caz Flack was presenting the show!!!
Peeps at the fashion show!
Mine and Ellies henna tattoo's..just after they were done!
Bye Bye London :'(

Hey Huns ☺!
So I'm double posting tonight to make up for my lack of posts and these are just a few pictures I took last Saturday on my very quick trip to London!
As you can see I'm wearing the lime boucle jacket for London Fashion Weekend that I've been featured in my recent haul..Isn't it gorgeous!
Sorry the pic's are awful, I forgot to take my camera (of all things :( !) and while I was there my iPhone ran out of power...what a surprise.

The trip started bright and early at 4 am (eek) where Ellie, Daisy and I got the train from Preston to London and arrived in London at around 7.30am ish. After our journey we decided the best thing to do was get a good old Starbucks - my 1st one believe it or not! I'm not longer a Starbucks virgin!
At around 9am we set off to Somerset House for the London Fashion Weekend event, which I was maybe a little too excited about - but the thought of visiting 'The' Somerset house after an 8am coffee got me slightly giddy! We looked around all the stalls inside before the show at 12.30 and we were also given a Mulberry tote goodie bag which had things like Coca cola, toothpaste?, fake tan mits, lots of Kinder Bueno's and some Elizabeth Arden cream in..a very interesting mix!
While looking around the event we got pictures taken by: a fellow fashion blogger although she hasn't uploaded the picture yet aha, diet coke and Captial fm...we were very happy!
After the surprisingly short fashion show which Caroline Flack presented we got our Henna tattoo's and set off for an afternoon shop in Central London! 
I didn't actually buy as many things as I thought I would..but after spending over 3 hours in Oxford Street Topshop I found that the style of clothes at the moment are a bit 'meh'. Some are still lingering on the old summer trends that I'm trying to move on from and some are slightly leading into A/W but aren't fully there yet. Hopefully by October the A/W clothes available on the high-street will be a little more 'on trend'
To see what I bought in London just click the smiley -

We got the train home at around 8.30 and I arrived back in Blackpool at midnight! Doing the whole London thing in one day was very tiring but something I'd love to do every weekend...if I had the money!
The London Fashion Weekend event was fun, but I think next time I would rather spend all day in Central London and save myself £45!

Hope you're all well,
Love ya, Amy Xx

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  1. Your first Starbucks?!!

    Hope you had a lovely time :)

  2. Also, I really like your Tag line for the blog - Every new day is another chance to change your life.

    1. Aw thankyou hun! It's a very inspiring quote that I live by! X

  3. I have to know where that fur coat is from in your pictures. I LOVE IT! Now following your blog...its super cute!

    Hope you follow back!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! It's actually a cape from River Island with a fur collar from Topshop :) Thankyou for following I'll check out your blog! Xx


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