Topshop studded flats - dupes!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

         Topshop silver studded flats - £28
 Matalan silver studded flats -£10

Hello Hun's ☺!
So today I had to come to terms with the fact I would have to find a replacement for my beloved Topshop studded flats. I have worn them SO much, (as you can probably tell) and the lining inside is missing and they're now nearly grey not black...but they have served me very well! I didn't want to grow so attached to them as it seems 90% of the female population own a pair, but they just seem to work brilliantly with every single outfit, and are so comfortable it really is like wearing slippers.
Anyway so I was hoping I could buy the same Topshop pair again, but the suede effect ones are no longer available, so I had a look on eBay but people are selling them for double the original price! - which I think is crazy.
I have seen many similar ones floating around various high street shops but the studs have always been different or the material..or they just don't look right on my feet - I popped into Matalan earlier today and saw this pair for just £10!, they aren't studded all over like the Topshop ones but other than that they look pretty similar, so I decided to grab them as replacements.

They look pretty good, don't you think?
Love ya, Amy Xx

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  1. I love those flats :)
    they are great!

  2. Replies
    1. They definitely spice up any outfit!X

  3. Came across a cheap replacement for mine on an Ebay shop haha, has to be done! x

    Take a peak at my blog if you have a sec!

    1. Definitely - I cannot live without them!

  4. These are a brilliant dupe, I wish there was a Matalan near me!xx

    1. Thankyou!!, They have them online too!Xx

  5. Great post :D i recently picked up a pair in Primark for £12 and they are identical to the Topshop ones, i love finding amazing dupes and deals like that haha :)

    Just discovered your blog and i'm your newest follower :) hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too & enter my 1st giveaway for a chance to win MAC & Sophia With Love goodies :D


    1. I love some of the dupes Primark does!, Aw thankyou hun I'll deffo check out your blog!Xx

  6. They look really similar! Love them! Kisses

  7. Replies
    1. They are just the best aren't they!X


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